Have you ever tried to manifest in trance?

Our subconscious mind is hypersensitive to suggestions when our brain is in a trance-like state. Just picture yourself daydreaming about Mr. Darcy, your next-door neighbour you secretly admire (just kidding!). That’s how being in a trance state is like.

3 Surprising Benefits of Manifesting in Trance

Here are the top 3 surprising benefits of manifesting in trance:

  1. Intentionally Access the Theta Frequency Brain Waves – Theta waves (4-8 Hz) are slower than the usual “awake brain” frequencies.

    Our brain naturally cycles through the Theta and Alpha waves before we wake up or go back to sleep, oh and… dream about Mr. Darcy! Or that house by the sea. Oh-oh! Be careful what you dream (or manifest) about!

    There are powerful meditations in the “Rapid Manifestation” program, which I designed with the intent to liberate participants from their destructive, limiting beliefs. My advice for you would be to manifest your dreams just before going to bed or first thing in the morning!
  2. Mental Healing – Manifesting in trance heals us from within. Once we learn how to use the energy of theta waves effectively, we can call ourselves “limitless” – Yep! Transformation is inevitable.

  3. Heightened Manifestation Power 

    Manifesting in trance helps us to get closer to what WE REALLY want, activates our vague nerve, gets us closer to our heart callings – our true desires.

Let me help you to cut the corners and get to your dream destination faster!

With love,