Have you ever wondered why some people find their soulmates easily while others take SO much effort to find the one? Or have you wondered why some marriages last for years while others end after only a few?


Well, it turns out that our subconscious mind has a significant impact on our love lives. Are you having doubts about this?


I remember, some time back, a friend of mine called Gabby had some trouble finding her soulmate. She remained single for months even after her friends and I made an effort to introduce her to our friends and colleagues.


One day, when we were chatting in one of the caffes on High Marylebone street she told me:

“Can you imagine! Last night I went out with Ella and Nikki. There were a few other friends… and there was that guy, remember? I told you about him… from the salsa club. Oh, my god he is sooo hot! I followed your advise, tried to be funny, tried to be clever… What? No! IT DID NOT WORK! I think if all of those deodorant manufacturers were using me for their “stress tests” none of their products would pass. I can’t be clever, I can’t be funny! The more I try the more tense and sweaty I become!”

She closed her eyes , crossed her arms on her chest and slumped back : “Finita la commedia”. 

I knew that it’s not the end of what we call “Gabby’s show”, our clever and witty friend! And I was right.

She slightly opened her eyes and said :

“And you know what? Throw away that hat that you bought for my wedding, it’s just not gonna happen!”

Do you sometimes feel like Gabi? Do you think that you will never ever find your love?

Do you want to let those limiting beliefs go, once and forever, easily and effortlessly? Do you want to be  (not to try to be, but to be) confident no matter what?  Contact me today, you deserve the transformation that will happen!