I was looking for the best diet...

Hello everyone! Recently I have been looking at what the best available weight loss plans can offer to people like you and me. I went online, entered a quick query. You won’t believe the number, there were pages and pages worth of ‘QUICK’, ‘BEST’, ‘PROFESSIONAL’ etc. I had to stop counting after 20 or I wouldn’t do anything else!

Why are there so many? Who needs them all? Are any of them
actually good or just a remix of something else? Some of them encourage us to
eat less calories, others stress attention to fat, many yell to stop eating
carbohydrates, they give advice to not eat protein. Some advice to only eat
ready-made foods, there are schemes for only drinking shakes and even taking
pills in addition to a healthy eating plan.

My head is spinning! How can you decide which one to take? Who is right? Nowadays there is so much information out there, where do you start?


But what stroke me even more that none of them tell us that, first of all, we need to detox our brain from toxic thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately,  none of them tell us that we need to get down to the root cause of the issue that makes us feel “empty, sad, lonely, angry”. Therefore, we turn to comfort food to make us feel better. None of them tell us that it doesn’t work with our feelings.  None of them tell us that by prescribing restrictions these diets will cause more stress, simply because restrictions of any type and nature lead to a stress, more stress and more stress.


So, I’m afraid, I haven’t found “the best weight loss diet plan”
that I can confidently advise you to follow, but I can reassure you that by
upgrading your brain, you will be able to overcome any weight issues.

Once and forever.

PS. Feel free to learn more about me and how I can help you.

With Love,