There are different definitions of manifestation. But from a ‘Rapid Manifestation’s’ perspective simply put, a manifestation is releasing our destructive beliefs, and turning our dreams into reality.

3 Methods of Manifestation

With manifestation, whatever our mind focuses on, we will eventually get! ATTENTION: this is true for good or…bad. Therefore, read carefully.

Without further ado, here are 3 easy methods to manifest the wildest dreams.

  • Meditation – Find a quiet spot by yourself and meditate. Take a deep breath in and out. Connect your mind to your heart. Ask yourself, what do you truly want? 

    Do you want to win the heart of that Mr. Darcy that moved in next door last month and helped you hop to your front door when you broke your Louboutin’s heel? Or do you want a new pair of Louboutins? (Just kidding)
    Meditate and think of ways to get his attention drawn to you!
  • Visualization – For example, if you want to get a full-time position for your dream job. Visualize your goals and reach out to your target market. Think about the move in every detail, including what your hairstyle will be, and what shoes you’re going to wear on your first day in the office. Feel how excited you are! Next thing you know, you’re hired full-time in no time!
  • Rewiring The Subconscious Mind – Our thoughts and feelings give strong vibrations to the surroundings. Detox your brain! Rewire any negative subconscious beliefs.


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With love,