"Hi Tatiana. I wanted to say thank you again- I’ve been in Dubai at my childhood home since before Christmas and because of the hypnosis and the new way of thinking I’ve fixed my relationship with my parents! They are amazing people and I’ve been able to use what I have learnt to make us all think differently. Thank you for making such a difference to our lives :)"
Sara N
"Working with Tatiana on my RTT was a pleasure. She is very genuine, understanding and took things at a pace which worked for me. I was very anxious about all of this but am very glad as it has released me from my issues and I feel like I can now begin to live again. She really got me to open up and felt comfortable in doing so. The follow up audio is also very good and relaxing. I highly recommend Tatiana as a RTT therapist".
Sheila M
"Dear Tatiana! 21 days today that I have been playing your recording. I must say that when I heard it the first time, I thought you were off, that it was not the content I expected, that you went wrong. Well… I guess I was wrong. Despite I was ill for the first 10 days, I still went ahead and immersed myself in this world you have created for me, this world and those words that heals, reframes, refreshes and resets! My healing was not instantaneous, but many signs showed early on and are still showing up everyday. 1. I rejoice with people and feel I can be freely myself, don’t feel burden or pressure or so much need to isolate myself. 2. A new man, that has most of the features I was looking for has showed up. I already saw him 3 times and I must say, it is promising. I would have not pursue after the first date before this session with you. 3. A difficult relationship is smoothing up, I am no longer needy or hurt with this person and I must say that it changes the relationship has a whole. 4. I am taking a new course, aiming a new career. Those 4 points are the most obvious but there are many subtle shifts coming my way everyday. Thank you for your caring approach, your support, your availability. I am very pleased our paths have crossed, that is just the beginning. Love, J"
"Tatiana, I wanted to thank you very much for what you have done for me in my hour of need. I truly felt like I was literally checking out of life. My drive and passion had left me. I got up and went to my job everyday and was still a hard worker with the ethic of always doing a great job for my employer. Once I arrived back home is was just a waiting game for the hours and minutes to pass by so I could go to bed and get up and do it all over again. The worst part was that I knew and felt I was checking out of life and did not know how to get back to where I knew I needed to be as a productive person with a purpose in life. My life. Thanks to you, you have guided me down the path of finding myself once again and my life purpose that I had given up on. Helping me to understand the reasons why I felt the way I did and how to be come a detective in exploring my feelings. Why I was feeling the way that I did. For making me a recording that I listen to every night, re-wiring the way I think. Giving me back my life full of promise, energy and hope. Telling me in the recording that it was made just for me and no one else, made me feel special. I greatly appreciate that more than anyone will every know. In the last week I have noticed a difference in my attitude and energy levels. I feel great, excited and looking forward to going forward once again for the life that I have always dreamed of. You are truly in my book a life saver. I am now getting back on track for the success and lifestyle that I deserve and desire. I believe in myself again. Thank you very much for this. This is a gift like no other. You are a special person that is gifted in helping others find their way. I wish you the greatest success in helping all that comes across your path. I know you will. Please take care. I will keep you posted from time to time on my progress. Sincerely, A fortunate person to have met you and had the opportunity to work with you."
"I didn’t know exactly what to expect with RTT or hypnosis, but I had a great session with Tatiana. One event from when I was very young came up in a way I’d never considered before. I had the wrong idea about hypnosis, that unless you lose awareness of self you are not really hypnotised. That is not the case. I feel results from the session on my everyday food consumption, which has decreased. Things are shifting as I listen to the recording every day. My session is recent but I would definitely recommend Tatiana and RTT."